Marc Choisy

UMR Univ. Montpellier, CNRS 5290, IRD 224
Building 2G, Apartment 103
Van Phuc Diplomatic Compound
298 Kim Mã Street
Ba Đình District, Hanoi, Vietnam

Tel: +84 3 38 99 78 96

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Marc Choisy

I am interested in the population biology of infectious diseases. This includes the study of their dynamics over ecological time scales as well as their evolution in the longer term. My approach is mainly theoretical and involves mathematical modeling and statistical analyses. I am particularly interested in trying to fit theoretical models to real data.

Previous work concerned parasites as diverse as the AIDS viruses, Leishmania, Schistosoma, measles or whooping cough. I am now getting more and more interested in vector- and/or environment-borne disease such as malaria, helminth infections, or hepatitis E.

I am particularly interested in understanding (i) how the different levels of organisation (with-host, between-host, metapopulation processes) affect each other, (ii) the spatial spread of diseases and (iii) the periodicity of their epidemics. Applications of my research are oriented towards public health issues involved in disease control. I am an IRD researcher working in the MIVEGEC laboratory and being based at NIHE in Hanoi, Vietnam. I am also affiliated to the OUCRU-Hanoi.

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